Dr. Harald Schützeichel, Chairman and CEO, Switzerland

Dr. Harald Schützeichel, Chairman and CEO, Switzerland

Harald Schützeichel (1960) was CEO of S.A.G. Solarstrom AG, a solar pv multivendor company and one of the one pioneers of the solar sector. This company was founded in 1998 in Germany. Harald built up the company from a one-man-company to an international leading solar service and installation company with daughter companies in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. He also was responsible for the succesfull IPO. The company S.A.G. Solarstrom AG was one of the first listed solar company in Europe.

Following his work with Solarstrom AG, in 2005 he founded the Solar Energy Foundation Stiftung Solarenergie in Germany, later also in Switzerland and Ethiopia. He is also founder of SunTransfer Switzerland/Germany and ISEI (International Solar Energy Institute for Rural Development). With his concept to combine philantropic and entrepreneurial approach he wants to find a new and more sustainable approach for rural development in developing countries.

Harald is a lecturer for business management, human resources management and ethical business at the University of Freiburg / Germany since 2006.  

He studied theology, philosophy and musical sciences and is the author of numerous scientific publications. After his studies he worked for catholic church as manager at the "Catholoy Academy" and also as organist.

Harald is living in Switzerland.

Samson Tsegaye,  Country Director of Stiftung Solarenergie - Solar Energy Foundation Ethiopia

Samson Tsegaye, 
Country Director of Stiftung Solarenergie - Solar Energy Foundation Ethiopia

Samson Tsegaye (1966) was a military engineer and officer. He served for eight years, then became Workshop Manager, Heavy Equipment and Local Staff Manager and Marketing Manager of a Korean Construction company for over 15 years. He also established and led a local NGO called REDO. This NGO established in 2006 his connection with the Stiftung Solarenergie and he became Country Director of the Solar Energy Foundation Ethiopia.

He studied Military Engineering, Electricity, Management and Administration.

Samson lives in Ethiopia.

Jaime I. Ayala, Vice-Chairman

Jaime I. Ayala, 

Jaime I. Ayala (1963) is a social businessman, and founder of the Hybrid Network, a group of mission oriented companies that address poverty and social issues by working together to provide access to essential goods and services to the bottom of the pyramid. 

Hybrid Social Solutions, a public service oriented company that Jim founded, provides rural communities access to electricity, water and other essential services by distributing innovative products such as solar lighting and charging and water purifiers to the poor. It ensures continuous access by putting in place sustainable revenue and service models, and partners with microfinance institutions and cooperatives to provide financing.

Jim is also network partner for the Philippines of Hystra, a global consulting firm with offices in Africa, India, South America, and Europe. Hystra works to connect mission oriented companies with social entrepreneurs to build hybrid value chains to provide linkages between poor informal communities and the formal commercial markets.
He is also Chairman of the Stiftung Solarenergie - Solar Energy Foundation in Philippines.

During his corporate career, Jim was President of Ayala Land, the largest real estate company in the Philippines, for 6 years, and senior partner of McKinsey & Company, where he worked in 29 countries and helped open 9 offices in China and Southeast Asia over 19 years. He is a member of the board of the World Wildlife Fund (Philippines) and the Hero Foundation.

Jim graduated with honors at both Princeton University (B.A., Economics) and Harvard University (M.B.A.)

Jim is living in the Philippines.


Brief information

  • We are working for rural development and poverty alleviation by providing solar energyin rural and marginalised areas worldwide.
  • We go to people who do not have access to clean, reliable and sustainable energy.
  • We stay with these people to accompany their social and economic growth.
  • We work together with rural communities for development and prosperity in rural areas.
  • We act as a hybrid organisation: using the advantages of a charitable organisationand socially responsible companies to enhance the efficiency of our work.
  • We are a strong network of organisations and companies with different tasks and responsibilities,working together to achieve the goal of rural development.

Holistic Approach

The StS International Network for Rural Development is:


  • Hybrid, because the combination of non-profit and for-profit organizations allows to assure social and financial sustainability in equal measure.
  • Holistic, because this is not enough to solve separetely single aspects of rural development (training, product development, financing, or similar).
  • Field-tested, because our network is working since 2005 in rural areas of developing countries in Africa and Asia.

Sun-Connect is an informational service focusing rural development through solar energy.