Donations alone are not enough

Donations alone cannot eliminate energy-related poverty in Africa. This is only possible if the forces to alleviate the need on the continent itself mature and grow.

Charitable aid projects must develop and accompany these own forces. We are doing this by promoting the development of the local solar economy. Small and medium-sized enterprises are important forces for poverty reduction and job creation.

The lack of local solar companies is a major obstacle to sustainable development in many African countries. That is why we also use our work to initiate economic development:

  • We only commission local solar companies to implement our projects
  • We make micro-credits to solar companies to enable their customers to purchase solar systems
  • We train solar technicians in a dual training course that combines theory and practice.
  • We support the cooperation of local entrepreneurs and promote the exchange of experience with each other.

Our approach: Promote the local solar trade through charitable aid projects and thus create jobs.