Entrepreneurial thinking and acting is characterized by the desire to permanently change a situation with creative solutions for the better. The promotion of local entrepreneurship therefore serves at the same time to strengthen civic engagement and to build a society.

Local solar companies, which are majority-owned by local entrepreneurs, are the main drivers of innovation, poverty reduction, job creation and social inclusion. Every local company that creates jobs and provides a livelihood for its employees encourages more entrepreneurs to set up their own ideas. Local entrepreneurship is an energy source that is important for building a society.

We promote local entrepreneurship in the field of decentralized solar energy supply with two initiatives:

Several local solar companies in Uganda have joined forces in 2018 to form a cooperative: “Association of Sendea Members Uganda”. Through the merger, the members want to join forces in a market dominated by international solar companies and thus strengthen their companies.

The most important tasks of the non-profit cooperative:

  • Promoting the exchange of experience with each other
  • Joint training measures
  • Acting as a consortium towards solar manufacturers, organisations and investors
  • Exchange with solar entrepreneurs in other (East African) countries

Sendea is supported by the Solar Energy Foundation in a variety of ways, including:

  • The member companies are entrusted with the implementation of charitable projects
  • We support the development of the Sendea Academy, a manufacturer-independent training institute for the Ugandan solar sector.
  • We promote the exchange of entrepreneurs among themselves.
  • We connect Sendea with international organizations, investors and manufacturers
  • We lend to Sendea for solar projects

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Sendea is part of a project of “Green People Energy” / GIZ

Climate change and resource scarcity demand decentralized, renewable energy systems and smart solutions worldwide. This requires constant innovation, embedded in local contexts, to achieve the greatest impact. Startups solve the challenges of a decentralized, renewable energy supply out of their own context.

Startup|Energy is a joint initiative of the Stiftung Solarenergie (Freiburg) and the University of Freiburg to promote African startups in the field of decentralized, renewable energy supply.

As the leading news platform for African startups and innovation in distributed renewable energy, Startup|Energy provides key resources for startups, investors and other supporters.

In addition, Startup|Energy operates its own accelerator program with a strong focus on long-term support through continuous coaching by experienced entrepreneurs and building a vibrant startup community.

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