Information and awareness creation

The possibilities of decentralized power supply with solar energy are often still unknown or significantly underestimated today. Not only in developing countries, but also in the economically developed countries of Europe and America.

Moreover, the reputation of decentralized solar energy has often been damaged in recent years by the proliferation of small solar lamps. Of course, mobile lanterns are helpful, but ultimately people need and want a complete power supply and corresponding devices. You want the standard that is also possible in cities and developed regions.

Conventional grid power supply is priceless and very unreliable in many regions of Africa. Decentralized solar technology, on the other hand, can provide a complete power supply for households, businesses and institutions without a grid connection: reliable, safe, environmentally friendly and inexpensive.

One of the tasks of the Solar Energy Foundation is to educate people about the possibilities of decentralised solar power supply and to raise awareness that a decentralised, renewable energy supply is the goal all over the world.

We carry out this information and awareness creation work in various ways:

  • Lectures and participation in events
  • News platform Sun-Connect News with up-to-date information on the decentralized energy sector in Africa and Asia. The weekly newsletter reaches more than 10,000 recipients worldwide.
  • News platform Startup|Energy with current information about African innovations and startups in the field of decentralized energy supply with solar energy. The newsletter reaches more than 1,000 recipients.
  • With Mangoo, the Solar Energy Foundation provides the world’s largest database for decentralized solar products. A unique way to find out about products, test reports and availability.