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August 2021
Solar Energy Foundation Ethiopia becomes a partner of UN DESA

The Sustainable Water and Energy Solutions is a partnership led by UN DESA and ITAIPU BINACIONAL to promote water and energy sustainability and other SDGs in support of the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Juli 2021
Stiftung Solarenergie gets support
The programme “Global Energy Transformation – GET.invest” is financed by the Federal Republic of Germany and co-financed by the EU.

Mai 2021
The five finalists of the Energy Camp East Africa have been determined

A total of 46 East African start-ups with products for the decentralised renewable energy market applied for Startup|Energy’s Energy Camp East Africa.
From the applications, these five startups were selected to participate in the Energy Camp.
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Picture: Ton Koene | Alamy

May 2021
Solar milk cooling for a Maasai community in Kenya

Milk cooling by means of solar energy: a new pilot project that we will realise thanks to the support of Energiebauern GmbH. To improve their income, the Maasai community in Oloo Oishobor proposes to bypass the middlemen for the milk produced. To do this, the milk that is milked must first be collected and stored in a refrigeration plant before being transported to market.

April 2021
Two new solar villages in planning in Uganda
Thanks to the support of Glas Henrich GmbH, we can start preparing the implementation of two new solar villages. Solar villages is what we call our successful concept for village development: the basic solar supply for an entire village. A concept that has been realized in different variants since 2005.

March 2021
Sendea Uganda and DonBosco start training program
for solar freelancers in Uganda
In Uganda, many solar installations are carried out by freelancers, who often have little knowledge of solar technology. The new freelancer program of Sendea and DonBosco wants to change that. For this purpose, a two-week basic training course is offered within the framework of the Sendea Academy, especially for freelancers.
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March 2021
Solar Energy for Rural Hospital in Ethiopia
The Ethiopian Solar Energy Foundation, with the support of the Maji Development Coalition (MDC), has completed a very special project: The solar electrification of the Rural Primary Hospital in Maji with a 33.6 kWp solar array.
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March 2021
Startup|Energy Accelerator Program for East Africa
The registration deadline for the Energy Camp East Africa in Kampala runs from 1 March to 15 April. It is part of the accelerator program Startup|Energy, which was initiated by the Solar Energy Foundation together with the University of Freiburg.

February 2021
New solar courses from
The Sendea Academy
The Sendea Academy, a division of Sendea Uganda, has been successfully offering training courses in solar technology since 2018. These courses aim to reduce the skills gap in the solar industry in Uganda. In 2021, the Sendea Academy will offer four more courses, the dates of which have now been fixed.
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January 2021

The Sendea Academy has successfully completed two training courses for the solar industry:

  • Solar technology
    12 technicians were trained in solar technology in a course lasting several weeks: design of solar home systems, basics of solar water conveying and solar water heating, professional installation, maintenance and service.
  • Procurement
    For solar companies, procurement/purchasing and participation in tenders are important topics. Often a lot of time and money is lost because standards or processes are not professionally adhered to. In December, twelve employees from eight solar companies took part in a two-day training session at The Sendea Academy on the subject.

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November 2020
Solarfirst Uganda Ltd. and Sunny Money Uganda are the two new members of the Association of Sendea UG. The cooperative, initiated and supported by the Solar Energy Foundation, aims to strengthen local solar companies. More (in English)…

October 2020
The establishment of a cooperative of local solar companies in Uganda (Sendea) is now financially supported by THE GIZ. The cooperation agreement between the Solar Energy Foundation and GIZ provides for support in the improvement of Sendea’s financial and organisational structures as well as in the establishment of the “Sendea Academy” as a training institution for solar energy.

September 2020
Together with the University of Freiburg, the Solar Energy Foundation initiates the Startup| Energyto improve the exchange between start-ups in the field of decentralised renewable energy supply in Germany and East Africa. More information on the website:

September 2020
In the past 12 months, we have been able to provide a total of 72 health stations in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda with basic solar services.

  • Uganda: 35 health stations
  • Kenya: 7 health stations
  • Ethiopia: 30 health stations

Fixed lamps were installed in the treatment rooms in all health stations and mobile lamps were handed over for outdoor use. In some stations, bright safety lamps from Signify for outdoor lighting could also be installed.
Health stations in Ethiopia and Kenya also received solar refrigerators for drug cooling and smaller medical equipment.

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