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October 2020
The establishment of a cooperative of local solar companies in Uganda (Sendea) is now financially supported by THE GIZ. The cooperation agreement between the Solar Energy Foundation and GIZ provides for support in the improvement of Sendea’s financial and organisational structures as well as in the establishment of the “Sendea Academy” as a training institution for solar energy.

September 2020
Together with the University of Freiburg, the Solar Energy Foundation initiates the Startup| Energyto improve the exchange between start-ups in the field of decentralised renewable energy supply in Germany and East Africa. More information on the website:

September 2020
In the past 12 months, we have been able to provide a total of 72 health stations in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda with basic solar services.

  • Uganda: 35 health stations
  • Kenya: 7 health stations
  • Ethiopia: 30 health stations

Fixed lamps were installed in the treatment rooms in all health stations and mobile lamps were handed over for outdoor use. In some stations, bright safety lamps from Signify for outdoor lighting could also be installed.
Health stations in Ethiopia and Kenya also received solar refrigerators for drug cooling and smaller medical equipment.

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