Training in solar energy

For many young people, the high demand for solar energy also offers the opportunity to get a job. The prerequisite is a good education, in theory and practice.

Especially for solar technicians, the Solar Energy Foundation has developed a dual training concept that combines theoretical training in solar technology with internships in a local solar company. This increases the chance of finding a job immediately after the course, which lasts several weeks.

We offer further education:

  • for technicians in the planning, installation, maintenance and repair of solar systems
  • for entrepreneurs in corporate management, sales and management
  • for sales representatives in sales, customer training and service

We have been offering dual training courses for solar technicians in Uganda since 2018. Since then, we have trained more than 200 solar technicians. A quarter of the course participants were women. In addition, the Stiftung Solarenergie awards scholarships to selected groups of people, for example to participants from socially disadvantaged families.

The success of the dual and company-independent training concept is demonstrated for us above all by the successful integration of graduates into the Ugandan labour market:

  • Some of the graduates had a job at a local solar company at the start of their training and continued to work there with a better salary after their training.
  • Some found employment with national or international solar companies in Uganda after solar training, usually with significantly better salaries than they had before.
  • Others have become self-employed and offer services as individual companies: from installation to maintenance and service.
  • Finally, some graduates have decided to start an engineering education at the university. Two female students receive a scholarship from the Solar Energy Foundation, which allows them to cover part of the costs.

We will continue to expand our training work in Uganda. We work closely with the Ugandan cooperative Sendea, an association of local solar companies. Sendea organizes and coordinates the training courses open to the entire Ugandan solar industry.